Trigger Point Injections

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Trigger Point Injections services offered in Las Vegas, NV

Trigger point injections loosen muscle knots, reducing pain and improving range of motion. The team of pain management specialists at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides trigger point injections for instant pain relief. Call the Las Vegas office most convenient to you today or schedule an appointment online to find out how trigger point injections can help you.

Trigger Point Injections Q&A

What are trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are treatments for trigger points, also called muscle knots. A trigger point is a tight band of muscle tissue that may irritate or inflame nearby nerves, causing localized or referred pain (pain that’s felt in another area of the body). 


When left untreated, a trigger point may develop scar tissue, affecting muscle movement and range of motion. 


The pain management experts at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center provide trigger point injections to treat trigger points and prevent complications. 

Who benefits from trigger point injections?

The pain management physicians at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center determine who benefits from trigger point injections after a consultation. The team may recommend this pain management treatment if you have a trigger point causing pain or affecting movement.


They can treat trigger points in many areas of the body, including:


  • Jaw muscle
  • Muscle on the side or front of the neck
  • Hip muscle
  • Low back muscle
  • Muscle on the side of your head


Trigger points may also cause tension headaches. If you have chronic tension headaches, the team at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center can help you get relief that might reduce your need for headache medication.

What happens during trigger point injections?

Your pain management expert at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center customizes your trigger point injection plan based on the location of your trigger points and pain condition. They review the details of your plan at your consultation, so you know what to expect.


Your provider performs your trigger point injections at the office. First, they clean the skin with antiseptic and inject the trigger point with medication (local anesthetic and corticosteroid). You may receive many injections during one visit.


Your pain level may increase when your provider injects the medication into your trigger point. But this pain should subside quickly.

What can I expect following trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections provide instant relief from your pain. You can resume most of your usual activities after your treatment. However, the team at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center recommends limiting strenuous physical activity for a few days.


Are your muscle knots causing pain or affecting mobility? Then you might benefit from trigger point injections at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.