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Spinal compression fractures may cause severe back pain and lead to spinal deformities. The team of highly skilled pain management and spine specialists at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, recommends seeking early treatment for spinal compression fractures so you can feel better faster and reduce your risk of long-term complications. Call the office nearest you today or schedule an appointment online. 

Spinal Compression Fractures Q&A

What are spinal compression fractures?

Spinal compression fractures are broken vertebral bones. The vertebral bones are the bones that make up your spine, providing upper body support and protecting your spinal cord.


A spinal compression fracture means that you have a collapsed vertebral bone. These types of breaks most often affect people with osteoporosis, a bone condition that makes bones weak and brittle. 


People with osteoporosis may develop a spinal compression fracture when engaging in normal activities like walking down the stairs or picking up a bag from the floor. These activities put pressure on the weak bones, causing them to collapse.


Trauma to the spine may also cause spinal compression fractures. 

What are the symptoms of spinal compression fractures?

Back pain is the most common symptom of spinal compression fractures. However, the degree of pain you feel may range from mild to severe. You may also have trouble twisting your back or bending over with a spinal compression fracture.


If the fracture pinches a nerve, you may experience pain that radiates into your arms or legs or lose control over your bowel or bladder.


Spinal compression fractures may also lead to height loss or spinal deformity. 


If you have back pain and suspect compression fractures, schedule a consultation at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can feel better. 

What happens during a consultation for spinal compression fractures?

You can expect a thorough evaluation when you visit Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center for spinal compression fractures. The team reviews your symptoms and medical history and completes a physical exam.


They also do imaging tests to find the location of your fracture and assess the severity.

What are the treatments for spinal compression fractures?

The Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center team takes a conservative approach to care. When diagnosed early, the team recommends conservative care such as pain medication, bed rest, physical therapy, and a back brace.


If medical interventions fail to reduce your back pain, the team may talk to you about minimally invasive spine procedures to restore vertebral height and reduce discomfort. 


The spine specialists perform vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty to fix the fracture and strengthen the bone.

Call Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center or schedule an appointment online today to get help for your spinal compression fracture.