About Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center

Pain Management & Spine Specialist in Las Vegas, Nevada


To Help As Many Pain Patients As Possible

We accept almost any language and insurance to make sure we can help almost any patient. We pride ourselves on being able to accept any type of referred patient sent our way. 

Our Neurology and Advanced Pain Management doctors utilize a comprehensive treatment model that provides each pain and neurology patient with a unique treatment plan that is tailored to them and may include several treatment components. Pain is a complex condition to treat and therefore, the scope of care must be comprehensive to be effective.
✓ Expert Witness
Dr. Brain Le, Medical Director, serves as an expert witness for pain conditions. He is highly regarded by both plaintiff and defense attorneys across the Las Vegas Valley for expert pain evaluations. He is extremely well versed at explaining complex medical data, so any jury can understand the injury easily.
✓ Personal Injury/Lien
We handle car collisions, slip and fall accidents, hazardous work condition accidents, and defective product or equipment accidents. Dr. Brian Le is one of the leading doctors for personal injury and spinal cord injuries in Las Vegas. 
✓ Work Place Injury
Slip and falls and straining your back or neck from overexertion are the most common work injuries. Dr. Le has been with the Department of Industrial Relations panel for over a decade. Your in great hands.